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Finding transportation is a challenge in rural communities. Service is limited, expensive, and not always available when you need it. Coordinating a ride can be stressful, confusing, and time consuming.

HealthTran was designed for communities in rural Missouri. We make transportation to health and wellness appointments, pharmacy, grocery store, and other activities possible.

When you partner with HealthTran, expect:

  • Convenient, reliable service. HealthTran will meet the needs of your patients or clients, including individuals with mobility limitations. Transportation can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance. When riders are going to the same area, multiple riders may travel together to help reduce cost.

  • A collaborative approach. Our partners support the Access to Care mission and we work collectively to help individuals overcome transportation barriers. Ask us about financial assistance with transportation cost.

  • Reduced no-shows and cancellations. HealthTran works with sponsors and community stakeholders to determine where people need to go, the distance to care, and gaps that need to be filled. We recruit volunteer drivers with a heart for service and a desire to change lives one ride at a time. We also provide support and coordination to link riders with the most affordable transportation option.

HealthTran increases transportation options by working with community organizations and health care providers to fill in the gaps. We provide safe, convenient, affordable, and dependable transportation.

HealthTran Fills the Gaps

Partner with HealthTran

Let’s work together to address transportation barriers in our rural communities.


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