HealthTran is a program administered by the Missouri Rural Health Association (MRHA)


Rural Missourians face transportation barriers.


In some rural communities transportation is nonexistent.


Where transportation exists, it can be unaffordable.


Often rural residents have no access to transportation evenings, weekends, and after hours.


This also means that rural residents lack access to health and wellness visits because they can't get there.

Volunteer Drivers Improve Rural Health

For many rural residents, getting to and from health and wellness appointments is difficult. HealthTran drivers receive $0.80 per mile. Contact us for details.


HealthTran: We Drive Rural Health & Wellness

HealthTran works with communities  to increase transportation options. This includes recruiting vetted, trained volunteer drivers to help fill the rural transportation gap. Volunteer drives can expect:


Mileage reimbursement at $0.80 per mile


Bi-weekly mileage reimbursement


Free technology setup


Recognition and appreciation

Our Partners

Providing quality health care usually means going the extra mile to meet patients’ health and wellness needs. Our partners get it.


Health Care Collaborative of Rural Missouri

Health Care Collaborative (HCC) of Rural Missouri is a rural health care network that owns and operates four Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in Lafayette, Carrollton, and Eastern Jackson Counties.

Learn More

Northwest Health Services

Northwest Health Services (NHS) is a nonprofit, Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) serving 15 counties in Northwest Missouri, including St. Joseph, Missouri. Volunteer drivers are needed.

Learn More

Your Community Health Center

Your Community Health Center opened its doors in 2014. The facility serves 5000 patients in the Rolla, Missouri area, including Phelps, Dent, Maries, Crawford, and Pulaski counties.

Learn More

CIC of West Plains

Community Interagency Council (CIC) of West Plains is a nonprofit that supports Christo’s House, Special Olympics-Buddy Walk, Howell County Health Department, and Ozark Action.


Fast, Convenient, Safe

HealthTran offers the flexibility of same-day appointments, or scheduling up to 30 days in advance.

Closing Access Barriers

HealthTran helps patients get to and from health and wellness visits, while helping providers reduce no-shows.

Drivers Who Care

Our drivers have a heart for service. They volunteer because they understand transportation needs in rural areas.


Transportation Makes the Difference

HealthTran tackles transportation barriers to improve health outcomes. Our goal is to reduce emergency room use and missed appointments. Delivering transportation in rural communities means access to food, medicine and other wellness needs.

Rides to Essential Services

We are looking for Community Launch Sponsors (usually health care providers) to help expand transportation access in rural Missouri communities. Here’s how it works:


HealthTran works with sponsor to define the need


HealthTran recruits volunteer drivers


Volunteer drivers are vetted and trained


Community sponsors connect rural residents with rides


“Without them, I would be without a leg now, I’m sure. I don’t know what I would have done. I would have been in deep, serious trouble.”

HealthTran Rider – Leo H. Short

“I was losing sleep at night wondering which friend I would call next. It was through a conversation with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) that I found out about HealthTran.”

HealthTran Rider – Bob Bowen

“I have talked to a few people and they love the rides, the drivers are friendly and they love that we offer this service now. It really  helps the patients not have to miss their appointments.”

Northwest Health Services – Ryan S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a moment to learn more about HealthTran.

HealthTran is designed to address rural transportation limitations and barriers. With a primary focus on health care, HealthTran offers a flexible system that coordinates and schedules rides to and from health and wellness visits. This includes same-day appointments or as far in advance as 30 days.

Why should I partner with HealthTran?

You should partner with HealthTran if your rural community has limited transportation options to help patients get to and from health and wellness visits; if your organization has limited resources to address transportation barriers; and if patients are missing appointments due to transportation barriers.

How does partnering with HealthTran work?

In a nutshell, community launch sponsors (usually a health care provider) work with HealthTran to identify the need. HealthTran offers a personalized approach to address transportation challenges that prevent access to health care. Then, HealthTran augments existing transportation services with trained, insured volunteer drivers. With the use of technology, sponsors, riders, and drivers are connected to help with  transportation coordination.

How can I become a volunteer driver?

Volunteer Drivers must be at least 21,  and have had a driver’s license for a minimum of 3 years. Volunteer Drivers use their own vehicles to provide transportation services between the client’s home and the requested destination(s). Drivers must undergo training, have a vehicle that passes inspection, as well as submit a variety of documentation. Learn more here.

How can I book a ride to the doctor?

Rides are coordinated through HealthTran and a partnering agency to help with transportation, and if necessary, the rider’s mobility needs. Appointments can be up to 30 days in advance. When riders are going to the same area, multiple riders may travel together to help reduce cost. Rides are prepaid. 

How can I join MRHA?

MRHA’s transportation solution, HealthTran, is changing rural health dynamics by addressing transportation barriers to care and social determinants of health. Follow this link for complete membership details.

Give Your Neighbor a Lift.

Imagine the impact you will make in the lives of people in your community by helping them receive health care. Become a HealthTran volunteer driver, or partner organization.


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